When you think of wedding colors, the ones that first come to mind are probably white, ivory, and that perennial favorite, pink. These colors are as popular with brides as ever, but there is a more surprising color that is in style for wedding flowers. The new hot color for bouquets and centerpieces is orange.

Orange is a color that actually comes in a range of shades. There is the true bright orange, such as you would find in gerbera daisies and tiger lilies. There are, however, also some more subtle variations, such as warm terra cotta roses or pale peach tulips. One of the most interesting flowers is a rich orange calla lily, which is finding its way into trendy weddings from coast to coast.

So why choose orange for your wedding flowers? Well, for one thing, it is unexpected. If you attend five weddings over the course of a summer, and three are pink, one is all-white, and one is silver and white, choosing a different color palette will feel like a breath of fresh air, and will help your wedding to stand out from the crowd. Orange is also a color that can feel contemporary and hip, or rich and cozy, depending on how you use it. It offers a surprising amount of versatility.

There are many options for incorporating orange into your wedding flowers. You can use a pale peach in combination with other soft colors, such as lemon yellow and sky blue. A bright pop of orange is great for an otherwise monochromatic wedding. Another idea is to really run with it, and use the orange as your main wedding color, for flowers as well as other décor.

I have seen orange flowers used for weddings in some wonderful arrangements. One bride I knew was having a fairly informal wedding on a ship. For her centerpieces, she grew wheatgrass in low containers, and then on the day of the wedding, she “planted” bright orange gerbera daisies into them. It was the perfect pop of color for her cheerful summer wedding. She brought the touches of orange throughout the wedding – the men in the wedding party wore pale orange ties, and she gave orange crystal jewelry as bridesmaid gifts to the women in the wedding party. The jewelry made nice bridesmaid gifts because it was something that the bridesmaids could wear to spice up their simple champagne colored dresses.

For an intimate winter wedding, a lovely effect is to create table wreaths of terra cotta roses to use around hurricane lanterns. I once attended a wedding that used this type of orange centerpiece to great effect. The bride carried a bouquet of the terra cotta roses mixed with hypericum berries, and it was the perfect accent for her ivory gown.

Of course, wedding flowers are not just for the table and the bouquets. Flowers are a very popular accent for wedding cakes, as well. They can be fresh flowers, sugar flowers, or marzipan flowers, but whichever you choose, the effect is gorgeous. One of the hottest wedding trends right now is to decorate the cake with orange calla lilies made from sugar. Brides love the way the strong color draws the eye to their wedding cake.

Orange is a color that is rising in popularity for weddings, and yet it is still offbeat enough to feel fresh and original. It can be used for all different styles of weddings in a really beautiful way. If you are looking to make your wedding bouquets and centerpieces unique and vibrant, you should definitely consider using orange colored flowers.

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